Oct 6th, 2020

The COVID Nineteen…

By now you might have realized that something which was a semi-daily dispatch for entrepreneurs has gotten a tad out of sync. It has been a ride – COVID did what it did to many of us: It turned our business (and world) upside down. It also opened up a whole slew of new opportunities. But more than anything, it turned what used to be already pretty long days, into insanely long days — or as someone recently remarked: “The Nineteen in COVID stands for the amount of hours I work nowadays…”

Where we used to commute to the office or local coffee shop, grabbed a joint lunch with a colleague or friend, had coffee with a client or prospect, popped into the gym on the way home and finally meet a couple friends for a drink or movie, we now have Zoom.

It is relentless, never ending and so seducing. Our productivity is through the roof. In the process we turned into vegetables.

Do yourself a favor – read this post from 2013. Go sharpen your axe. We need you fresh, creative, energized, in GyShiDo mode.

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