Mon, Feb 26, 2018

What Is Your Worldview?

While working on a new company, focussed on figuring out what the heck we are doing and how to do this – and keep hitting a wall, a mentor asked me:

What is your particular view of the world?

The question befuddled me. How did that have anything to do with my challenge? Turns out: Everything.

Once you not only know but can formulate, your specific view on how the world looks and will change, your company and subsequently your products will become crystal clear. They are simply the logical extension of the views you hold.

Look around you – most, if not all, successful products and services are the expression of a particular view of the world. AirBnB’s foundation is a strong belief in the sharing economy and the human need to connect on a personal level. Apple products are the manifestation of what happens when the humanities intersect with design and technology. Google is, at their heart, busy organizing the world’s information for you.

With regards to your company and products – what is your view of the world which is unfolding in front of us?

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