Jul 26th, 2016

What Does It Take to Make the Problem Go Away?

If you have heard me speak or work with me, you know that I adamantly ask the question: “What does it take to make the problem go away?”

I believe it’s one of the best questions to ask yourself and of your solution: I typically use this framing for social entrepreneurs (as I fundamentally believe that the problems we see in our world today need solving, not just getting a “little bit better”).

But this framing is bigger than just impact-driven entrepreneurs.

Regardless what the problem is you are solving — be it bringing clean drinking water to populations in rural India or creating a SaaS solution for the beverage industry: When you can make your customers’ problem go away, you are golden.

Ask yourself two simple questions:

What is the problem you are aiming to solve? And what does it take to make that problem go away? Not just make it a bit better. Make it go away.

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