Tue, Apr 19, 2016

Keep it Short And Learn to Bottom-Line

I’ll keep this short.

We all know these people who just can’t shut up. They talk and talk, explain what they just explained and then explain it again. They jump from thought to thought — and loose their audience along the way.

Executive coaching has a concept called “Bottom-Lining”:

This is the skill of brevity and succinctness on the part of both the coach and the client. Bottom-lining is also about having the client get to the essence of his or her communication rather than engaging in long descriptive stories.

I believe the ability to come to the point, clearly and quickly — and then leave the thought standing without the need to reiterate it, is one of the most powerful concepts in communication.

Bottom-line: Practice your bottom-lining. Short, precise and to the point. Don’t repeat or reiterate.

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