Thu, Aug 07, 2014

What’s Your Business Model

When I speak to entrepreneurs during the early phases of their journeys they are often grappling with the question which business model to develop for their respective ventures. The discussion usually centers around the well-knowns: Subscription, licensing, freemium.

And then there is more…

My dear friend Joerg Rheinboldt created a whole curriculum and wrote a book on “Seven Ways to Create a Sustainable Internet Business”. Someone on HackerNews compiled a massive list of business models which spawned a lively discussion (here’s a cleaned up version of that list).

“Good business models are like icebergs: You only see 10% of them, the remaining 90% are hidden from plain sight.”

That is all to say: Don’t limit your view on the few, well-established models which pop into your head. Do your research and think hard about which model might work for you. Experiment. Combine existing models to create hybrids or something entirely new. There are no rules which say that you have to use a particular model.

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