Jul 10th, 2014

Think and Act Big

Yesterday I met with an amazing social entrepreneur. Wicked smart, has developed a great product, knows her market, has an amazing network and is literally saving lives through her intervention, which is being deployed in Africa and India.

We talked about her product, some ideas she’s testing at the moment and… funding. And this is where (I believe) she thinks and acts too small. As do most other people I meet.

She has the potential to solve the problem her startup is tackling once and for all. Get rid of it for good. She has the tech, the knowledge, the connections. And yet she was talking about experiments and raising a few hundred thousand dollars to fund the “next phase”.

Don’t be afraid to think and act big. Get rid of the self-limiting believes which keep you from doing not only your best work but doing it at scale.

Aim for the stars. It’s the only way to get there.

You are the future.

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