Tue, Jun 24, 2014

The Hard Things

You heard me say “Ideas are cheap and plentiful” — most of us can brainstorm, strategize, dream up, develop and talk about ideas all day long.

That’s easy. The hard part is execution.

Picking up the phone and cold calling a potential client takes guts. Figuring out what’s important and then ruthlessly pursuing only these items on your todo list while ignoring all the other, often more fun, things you could do, is tiring. Slogging through a large list of boring, but critical items is… well… boring.

“Brainstorming, strategizing, coming up with new ideas and talking about them is easy. Execution is hard.”

Today I get paid mostly to spent my time thinking, developing strategies, communicating those ideas to others and making sure that they are well executed. I will never loose my deepest respect for those in the trenches — as they are truly doing the work.

Treat those who do the work with upmost respect and gratitude as they are the ones who make our companies what they are. If you happen to be one of those — know that without you the organization would be nothing. We couldn’t do it without you!

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