Sun, May 18, 2014

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Two weeks ago I wrote about “Forget the Competition — Focus on Your Customer”. Since then I had a bunch of conversations with founders who all suffered from the same anxiety-inducing trait: They can’t stop comparing themselves to others. It’s a competitive streak which runs amok…

Similar to what I wrote about earlier — and different.

Constantly comparing yourself to others doesn’t lead to anything: You focus on the wrong things (as you’re playing someone else’s game), you are miserable pretty much all the time (I can guarantee you that you will always find someone who is better than you at what you’re doing) and you find yourself in a self-perpetuating circle, going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

It just doesn’t matter!

Who gives a fuck (pardon) what someone else is doing? Why should you compare yourself to others? You can’t win this game — and even if you could: Who cares?

Instead focus on the things which make you happy. The work which is meaningful to you and those you serve. The recognition which is directly tied to your work.

You are good enough. Actually: You are more than good enough. You are awesome — just the way you are.

Now focus that energy on yourself and get to work.

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