Mon, Jun 16, 2014

In Which Business Are You Really?

A few days ago I spoke with one of the Unreasonable fellows about their solar business: They install solar infrastructure in Tanzanian schools, equip them with computers and bring them online for the first time ever.

“Quite often you find yourself in a very different business than you originally thought. It’s an incredible opportunity.”

They thought they are in the business of selling solar infrastructure. I think they are in the business of getting the Internet in front of people. They tried to figure out how to finance the infrastructure by leasing it to the schools. I strategized about who we could get their infrastructure sponsored, which services they can sell and how to generate additional income through turning schools into Internet cafes when they are not used by the kids.

Which brings up the question: In which business are you really?

It might not be the one you originally thought you are in. Opening yourself up for different thinking might yield exciting new opportunities. Try it out.

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