Tue, May 07, 2013

The Future is Now and it’s Yours

I claim no ownership of this insight.

My esteemed colleague Allen Wirfs-Brock put this into my head. And since he did I can’t stop thinking about it. So now I am going to put this into your head:

The personal computer is dead.

PCs make up less than 50% of personal computing devices today. And their market share is rapidly declining.

We move into an age where we are surrounded by computing devices. From mobile phones to tablets to wearables (FitBit, Nike Fuelband and Co.) to in-car entertainment systems. Computers and screens are everywhere.

This is the chance of a lifetime!

Allen formulated this eloquently as “The point being that we are in a time of chaotic transition. We don’t know for sure which companies and technologies map to the colors in the graph. We also don’t know the exact time scale. But the important thing is — we are in period of opportunity that may not reoccur for decades. The window of opportunity will only last a few years so its important to be doing things and making our bets right now! If you don’t play, you can’t win…”

The next Microsoft, the next Google, the next Facebook is a kid in a garage right now.

The future is yours.

(*) Asymco published this graph and underlying research.

(**) Allen just blogged about this as well — go, read his post. It’s amazing.

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