Oct 31st, 2013

Lucky Or Smart

We talk a lot about rainmaking here at The Heretic HQ — Heretics share a believe that we are the masters of your own destiny, that we shape the outcomes we want and that the future is uncertain (which we celebrate as a good thing).

And yet — there is something important to understand:

You have to be smart enough to realize when you’re lucky.

When luck strikes you need to be able to recognize it, have the chutzpah to follow the lead and make it happen. Trust me — I have missed so many amazing opportunities by not recognizing when luck struck me; it’s not even funny.

With that being said I often get asked: When do you know that luck is about to strike?

I thought about this a lot and the best I can offer you is: Trust your gut and follow your heart. Every single time luck was about to hit me and I failed to act upon it, I knew deep down that I should take the opportunity.

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