Sat, Mar 23, 2013

Forget TechCrunch

Funny that one of the (perceived) indicators of startup success and one of the most coveted achievements for a founder is to be written up in TechCrunch.

I couldn’t give a damn.

Unless your product or service is clearly aimed at the very small niche of people reading TechCrunch (that is: other startup founders) — why would you care?

Instead focus on being where your customers are. Your product serves females in their mid-30s with an above-average-income? I would hit all those women blogs and magazines hard with my message and wouldn’t one minute with the fabled “tech scene”.

TechCrunch & Co. are not even tastemakers anymore. I have yet to find a VC who’s impressed by the “we’ve been in TechCrunch” speech.

Just get over it and focus on going where your customers are. It’s less crowded there anyway. You stand out. And you will be better off for it.

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