Thu, Dec 27, 2012

For crying out loud — Follow up

The last few days I spent some time thinking about the people I had the fortune of meeting and mentoring this year. People I met through my work at Mozilla and my engagement with incubators and accelerators such as the Unreasonable Institute, Seedcamp, TechStars, Astia, Gamma Rebels, Stanford’s entrepreneurship course and many more. People I met through friends and friends of friends. And people who just decided to contact me. All in all easily hundreds of them.

I love to help. It makes me happy and proud to see these people flourish and make a difference in the world.

And yet there is something which annoys the hell out of me. Some of these people simply never follow up.

What the fuck is wrong with you? If someone makes an intro for you — you follow up. How hard is that to understand? If someone does you a favor you say thank you. Who taught you basic manners?

Trust me — you won’t get anywhere if you don’t master the art of following up. It’s so easy. And yet so powerful.

Make that your new years eve resolution.

Thank you.

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