At Singularity University we are going through a mid-year check-in — an exercise where we look at plans and budgets to make sure we are on track, the assumptions we made at the beginning of the year still hold true; as well as allow for things which we couldn’t have predicted earlier this year to be added to the plans.

It’s a valuable thing to do — as we can get caught up in the weeds of doing things so easily. And as hard as you try, once you’re in it, you are in it.

Why don’t you take some time and ask yourself (and your organization) the same set of questions:

Now might be just the time to change things.

P.S. Talking about change — check out the new Heretic website! After going through the process outlined above I decided that it was time to give The Heretic a facelift. :)

Build What Matters.
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