Here’s a fun one!

As you might know, I recently joined Singularity University to head up our global startup initiatives.

And now I’m hiring.

Here’s your chance to work with me — as our new Program Manager SU Labs: You will work alongside me and Mikhail, our inaugural program manager, to build a series of new programs, support our fast-growing portfolio of startups (who are all changing the world), develop partnerships and generally work on amazing things with a stated goal to grow startups which solve some of the most intractable problems on the planet by leveraging exponential technologies.

Singularity University is located on Moffett Field — right in the heart of Silicon Valley — where we work next to NASA and Google. You will meet some of the most amazing people in the world, interact with world experts on exponential technologies, be part of an incredible global community of SU alumni, be exposed to the latest in technology and interact with Fortune 500 companies and governments — all with a goal to build the best growth infrastructure for our companies.

Here’s what you need to do (please read this — this is important!):

And now: Go. Change your life and apply!

P.S. Check out this year’s Graduate Student Program Team Projects — this gives you a pretty good idea of the companies you will interact with here at Singularity University. :)

Build What Matters.
Pascal ツ