I’m back. Sort of. Two weeks of pretty crazy travel, public speaking, leadership workshops, coaches training plus starting my new gig at Google Giving on 11/11 made me eat a big fat piece of humble pie.

I would have never thought how disorienting this all can be — and how much I rely on my network for work. Starting at Google means I need to rebuild my network — I don’t know anyone, yet I need to know a lot of people as what we’re doing is so deeply integrated into all things Google.

What’s probably hardest to deal with is the feeling of “I should know this”. Which is silly. And yet I have a hard time shaking it off.

Here’s what I am learning:

With that being said — for everyone who is in the process of starting something new (or thinking about it): It’s hard. And good. And fun. And frustrating. And elevating. And shit. And awesome. And all the other emotions. Best of all — it makes you feel alive.

And apologies for the tardy publishing schedule — we’re back to normal soon. If you have any specific topics or questions you want us to discuss, send them my way! :)

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