Jan 15th, 2018

Staying Inside the Eye of the Storm

Last week CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, ended. As every year we have seen a flood of new products, services, and announcements. It can easily feel quite overwhelming.

That same feeling, the feeling of being overwhelmed, seems to have become the constant these days. New products, services, software development frameworks, management theories – it is not just raining, it is a downpour.

Years ago I asked my former boss how he stays on top of everything and keeps a clear head when everybody around him seems to be running around like crazy. His answer was simple:

Do the hard work of figuring out what matters. Break things down into their first principles and understand what the real drivers of your business and product are. Once you truly understand your business, product, market, and customers you will position yourself right inside the eye of the storm – where everything is just eerily quiet.

Too many of us are distracted by too much of the outside world. You only need to pay attention to the parts of the world which matter to you and your business. The rest is just noise.

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