Thu, Aug 30, 2018

Family, Friends, Allies – But Not Networks

For our clients at radical, we bring together the latest insights on what is happening in the world of technology (and contextualize it for them – “turning stars into constellations”), a world-class leadership development curriculum and a network of allies. We believe that this trifecta is what leaders in today’s world need to be successful, anticipate the future and transform their businesses into a future which is unfolding before them.

That last element – allies – is incredibly important in this context. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and it requires both (diverse) perspectives and support to not only envision the future but to build it. Sadly too many of us operate without a strong group of supporters – people who challenge us, bring diverse points-of-view to the table and support us when the going gets tough.

There is another problem: When we talk about these people, we call them our network. When we interact with them, we are “networking,” and we make acquaintances at “networking events.” The thing is – human beings are not nodes in a network transacting and routing packages; they are human.

Which is the reason why we call them allies. They are friends. Our extended family. They are here for us when we need them, support us, make us better. We interact and don’t transact.

Once you made this switch, you will see how much better your world will become. Read Adam Grant’s excellent book “Give and Take” and you will know what I mean.

Now go and make some friends. Add some people to your family and find new allies. Just don’t network.

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