Tue, Feb 06, 2018

Creative Destruction (or: Don’t Be Married to Your Solution)

One of the trickiest problems most of us face is the dichotomy between believing we are right and being right.

As an entrepreneur, you have to believe in your solution. In the beginning, you are more often than not the only one believing you are right. You need tenacity and conviction to make others believe (and buy) as well.

The challenge is that believing to be right and being right sometimes is just not the same thing. And one can get stuck in this mode and follow a road leading nowhere. This is particularly true when you find yourself on the long(er) slog of the earlier part of an exponential curve.

To overcome this issue I regularly take time to step away from my own believes and convictions and challenge my thinking by asking myself and others to rip my ideas apart, by turning my hypothesis on their head and argue from the opposite side and by working through the question on how I would kill my own company if I were to compete with them.

An interesting side effect of this method is that it often unearths insights and ideas we did not have access to before.

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