Sun, Jul 09, 2017

The Real Work Happens In The Middle

You’ll find plenty of advice on how to get started. And you’ll read tons of stories about those who made it. But the real interesting stuff, the things you hear little about, is the middle. People call it the grind, nose to the grindstone, the hustle, the work…

The thing is — you hardly ever hear about it. You seldom hear, read or see people talking about how they do what they are doing while they are deep inside the belly of the beast. The hard-earned daily lessons. The insights which were paid for by sweat and tears.

That’s a shame. As those insights are the ones, who make or break companies.

In the absence of a useful and accessible recorded version of the stories from the trenches I suggest you reach out to entrepreneurs who have walked in your shoes and asked. Don’t ask how they got started or how they became successful. Ask instead what they did when they were in the middle.

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