Feb 3rd, 2017

Make the Best

One of the more common ways to fail with your product is to build something which is not differentiated enough. On the other hand one of the better (or even best) ways to succeed is to create the best offering in your respective category: In most markets the market leader (offering the best — as perceived by the customer — product) commands a massively disproportionate share.

So your goals becomes “make the best”. But “Make the best” is a difficult goal. It doesn’t mean “among the best” or the “best at a particular price point.” It means “make the best,” period.

It’s a tall order. Something which takes chutzpah to take on and passion, perseverance and hard work to realize. But when you decide to embark on this journey, not only will the end result speak for itself, but also the journey is typically much more interesting and rewarding.

Make the Best!

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