Sun, Dec 31, 2017

Make 2018 The Year You Say No

In a world of abundant choices and opportunities, the most precious thing you have is your attention and focus. I firmly believe that most, if not all, businesses benefit from more of the latter and less of the former: Focus on chasing every possible opportunity.

With that being said – why not make 2018 NOT about what you are going to do (which is so 2017…) but about what you are NOT going to do?!

When I look back at my year, and I look at all the businesses I had the honor to help a tiny bit – it is incredibly apparent that we all would have fared much better if we would have adhered to famed designer Dieter Rams’ motto:

Less, but better. / Weniger, aber besser.

With that being said, I – for one – will make 2018 the year I say no more often…

Happy 2018 everyone! May the next year be epic, superb and just wonderful.

Oh, and as this is the last post of 2017: This is also my 999 Heretic dispatch. We will start the New Year with a celebration… :)

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