Jul 19th, 2016

The World is Truly Your Oyster

When I launched my first company back in 1996/97 we had to pay literally tens of thousands of dollars each month just for servers (leased machines, co-located — there was no such thing as cloud computing back then). The application framework we used (Apple’s WebObject) cost us thousands of dollars in licensing fees. Every bit of software we used to produce our code cost us money.

Today all this is free (or close to free).

You heard this a million times by now — but it is such a fundamental shift that it warrants repeating: You can launch most companies for next to nothing today. The world truly has become your oyster.

Want an example? The sole reason why you can buy a #BuildWhatMatters t-shirt today is that I can set up a fully fledged online store for $10 per month, get a domain for about $15 a year (or a whopping $25 if you go with .co as I did) and have someone like Printful take care of the printing and only pay for a shirt once it is ordered and paid for by the client.

With that being said — what keeps you from building the thing you always wanted to build?

Do it!

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