Jan 31st, 2016

The VC Cheat-Sheet

I let you in on a closely guarded secret: Every VC, angel, strategic investor I know (in short — anyone who could give you money) looks for just four essential traits in every company they invest in.

Depending on their investment thesis they might add a few more questions which are specific to them — but answering the following four points well is crucial for any company:

  • A large market opportunity with potential for rapid growth
  • An outstanding team capable of execution
  • A differentiated technology or business solution that trumps the competition
  • A value proposition and business plan that articulate the company’s value, strategy, and plan and attract the required capital

In every document you use to present your company, be it your pitch deck, your one-pager or a summary email you want to answer these four points as convincing and succinctly as you possibly can.

Good luck!

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