Feb 20th, 2016

The Two Most Important Questions

When it comes to leadership, a lot of it hinges on a handful of simple ideas: Creating a solid, concise plan which is at the same time achievable and ambitious. Communicating this plan to your team in easy to understand and actionable language. Continuously measuring how well you’re doing against your plan. Monitoring market factors and making adjustments to your plan.

Many companies have adopted Intel’s OKR model (Objectives and Key Results) — including the greats of Google (Google Ventures has a video on how they are using OKRs to great effect).

At it’s most fundamental level OKRs answer the two most important questions any company should ask itself:

  • Where do I want to go? (Objectives)
  • How will I know I’m getting there? (Key Results to ensure progress is made)

Finding the answers to these two simple questions (and revisiting them regularly) will make all the difference.

Where do you want to go? And how do you know you’re getting there?

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