Aug 15th, 2016

The Heretic Book is Here

Eighteen months ago, having just finished my 600th Heretic post, I decided to pick the top 100 dispatches, edit and put them into a little coffee table book. The idea being that the book serves as a little pick-me-up — every time you are looking for some inspiration or an insight, you pick up the book, read a page and put it down again.

Little did I know how much work writing, editing, designing and publishing a book is…

But in true Heretic fashion we did it!

I found a fantastic editor, Peter Arcuni, who helped select and rewrite more than one hundred of my early posts. I hired a phenomenal designer, Bryan Andersen, who did a wonderful job putting words into design (and created an iconic cover in the process). And a whole bunch of you stepped in to help proof-read — special thanks go to Daniel Lobo, David Trayford, Dominik Tobschall and John O’Duinn.

With all that being said: The book is (finally) here! Get your copy — either in print through Amazon (use your local Amazon website to save on shipping), on Kindle or as an exclusive signed copy straight from my online store.

Click Here to Buy The Heretic Book Now.

P.S. I would love for you to leave a review on Amazon (it helps a ton with Amazon’s recommendation algorithm). If you do — send me an email with a screenshot of your recommendation, your address and I will send you a limited edition Old School The Heretic Sticker for free!

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