Wed, Nov 30, 2016

The Entrepreneur’s Privilege

As any entrepreneur will gladly tell you — building a company is a stressful, high-stakes endeavor. At any given moment you need to juggle a million decisions, each one with the potential to make or break the fragile existence of your startup.

Jane recently told me a story about tennis world champion extraordinaire Serena Williams, who is not only one of the best athletes ever to compete in any sports ever, but also did so as a black woman in a sport which is not exactly known for its progressiveness.

US tennis legend Billie Jean King once said to Serena Williams “pressure is a privilege”.

What is true for Serena is true for all of us:

Not only did we choose the pressure, accept it or even embrace it — we ought to see it as a privilege. It is the privilege which comes from putting ourselves out there, doing the work and pushing the boundaries.

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