Fri, Feb 12, 2016

Sacred Cows

My colleague Paul Saffo, who teaches Future Forecasting at Singularity University, makes an excellent point about the inability of companies to rid themselves of their past (which typically leads to their demise).

“Sacred cows make the best burgers”

Unless one is starting from scratch, we all have sacred cows. It’s the deployment system, the initial code base, the processes, the accounting system, the way we recruit and hire, the logo, the tagline…

And we often are weirdly attached to these artifacts. They were what got us to where we are today. They are the things we created during those long, lonely nights. They are the things we know and feel comfortable with.

And they often get in our way.

Take a hard look at the things, stuff, processes and artifacts which surround you and figure out if you would be better off replacing them.

And then slaughter your sacred cows.

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