Fri, Jun 17, 2016

On Entrepreneurs, Leaders And Followers

This video from Gary Vaynerchuk on “Reframing Entrepreneurial Success”, which recently made the rounds, reminded me of the insanely funny and deeply insightful “Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy” video.

Go and watch both videos. I’ll wait.

Spot the commonality?

Both tell you that we need way more enthusiastic and capable followers than leaders. We need more number twos to number one-hundreds than we need number ones. And of course — it is sexy to be the founder. But what really counts, is to find something you’re good at, then excel at it and make a freakin’ dent in the universe.

Which is the reason why I refuse to limit the term entrepreneur to those of us who start companies. We are all entrepreneurs. We all have the power, the ability, the drive to instigate change and make things better. Sometimes and for some of us that means starting a company and being the founder. For many, many more of us, it means being a courageous follower who shows others how to follow.

Don’t let labels define you. Instead let your work speak for itself (and you). We need all of us to make this work. Leaders and followers.

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