May 27th, 2016

Impatient Patience

Did you know that Twitter struggled for the first two years of its existence to find users? Pinterest was deemed a failure until it wasn’t, years after it’s inception. Larry Page nearly sold the algorithm which made Google the most valuable company on the planet for $1.6M to Excite.

The mythical overnight successes are mostly just that — a myth.

Building stuff (particularly things that matter) takes time. You need patience. Endurance. Stamina. Grit. Tenacity. Perseverance.

All the while you need to stay impatient. Push the boundaries. Make bold bets. Carry a strong vision. Wake up every day and outrun your competition.

One of the hardest things in being an entrepreneur is to develop that sense of impatient patience.

The best way I found to do this, is to start with a strong, bold vision. A vision so compelling, with stakes so high, that every fibre in your body makes you yearn for it.

Why not take the weekend to reconnect with your vision? And next week — reconnect your team with your vision?

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