Sun, Jan 24, 2016

Dog Years

On a call earlier this week a dear friend of mine and superb entrepreneur reminded me that we, as entrepreneurs, live our lives in dog years.

Every entrepreneur’s year counts for seven years of a normal person’s life.

Dog years have their good and bad sides. On one hand we get so much more done than the average Joe. We are driven, passionate, impatient, relentless, focussed, sometimes obsessed.

On the other hand we are stressed, overworked, anxious, short-fused, overwhelmed.

It is important to acknowledge this. Maybe there is not much we can do about it. But we surely can chose how we want to show up and be in those situations when the dog years don’t quite feel like we’re flying high.

You can chose to enjoy the ride and take it for what it is. Or you can stress, fret, exhaust yourself, feel inadequate and be miserable.

The choice is yours. Will you take the red or the blue pill?

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