Mon, Mar 30, 2015


Coachability (Noun) — The state or condition of being coachable.

Being coachable is one of the, if not the, most important quality you, as an entrepreneur and founder of a startup, must have.

It’s sad to see how many entrepreneurs fail this test: They are smart, they are likeable, they have deep domain expertise, they have a great idea, they have a solid plan — but when it comes to being able to listen to feedback, processing and incorporating it and being okay with not knowing something or being wrong… they just can’t jump over their own shadow. Some of them believe that they have to be perfect to be a founder. Some are so deeply convinced that they know best, that they can’t accept any other opinion. Some are just so focussed on what’s directly in front of them that they can’t see anything else.

Whatever it is — having the ability to seek out input and feedback, digest it and let it influence your work is crucial for every entrepreneur. And it’s one of the main character traits every better investor will look for as well.

Allow yourself to be curious. Listen carefully and deeply. Think before you react.

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