Sat, Mar 01, 2014

You Deserve It

Time and time again I meet entrepreneurs who keep talking themselves down. The money they raised? A fluke. The amazing people they hired? Somehow tricked into joining the company. The product they built? Pure chance. They fundamentally believe that they just don’t deserve the good things which happen to them.

Often this comes down to the believe that the people who invested in you, joined your company or bought your product “simply didn’t know what they were doing”. That they were somehow tricked by you into believing in you. That their decisions were clouded by some magical character trait of yours.

Tell you what: Trust that people make their own decisions. That their decisions are theirs to be made and that they make their decisions in the best possible way for themselves. Hold everyone around you naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

And allow yourself to be proud of what you have accomplished and know, just know, that you deserve it. You worked hard for it.

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