Oct 11th, 2014

We Are All In This Together

This weekend we brought the portfolio companies from Singularity University Labs for a retreat to Carmel on the Californian coast. One of the exercises we did with the teams was to have everyone draw their entrepreneurial journey out on a huge pieces of paper.

The thing which stood out for me was the fact that, although we all come from different backgrounds, we all work in different fields, we all are at different stages of our startup journey — we all shared the same overall stories. The ups and downs. The struggles and the highs. We truly are all in this together.

If nothing else — sharing your story get you closer together, makes you see that there are more people just like you and that there are a whole bunch of folks whom you can rely on in times of struggles and with whom you can celebrate in times of success.

Find some likeminded entrepreneurs. Share your story. Hear theirs. Form bonds.

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