Sun, Nov 02, 2014

We Are All Entrepreneurs

At the InnovatiBA festival in Buenos Aires on Friday I asked the audience to stand up if they are entrepreneurs. The venue was packed — 2,000 people in total, with people sitting on the stairs and standing in the back. To my surprise about half of the audience got up.

I then asked those who were not standing yet to stand up if they want to be an entrepreneur. Another 40% stood up.

I then asked the remaining people to stand up.

We all are entrepreneurs! Everybody in that audience is an entrepreneur. Even if they don’t see themselves as one.

We might not put that label on ourselves as we believe that only the people who found companies can wear the cloak of entrepreneurship; but when it comes down to it: Humans are hard-wired to be entrepreneurial. It’s what keeps our species alive and thriving. It’s the urge to make things better. The drive to invent. The desire to help. It’s in our genes.

So claim that label and wear it proudly. You are an entrepreneur.

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