Fri, Apr 04, 2014

Verb. Target. Outcome.

Here’s another gem from the amazing Kevin Starr — this one is so good that I consider it mandatory for any entrepreneur:

When you describe your company’s mission (which truly is the core and essence of your company — what and why you do what you do) use eight words (or less) in the format: Verb. Target. Outcome.

Simple, concise, to the point.

Let me make this clearer with some of Kevin’s examples:

  • Living Goods: Save (verb) African kids’ (target) lifes (measurable outcome).

Brilliant! Want another example?

  • One Acre: Get (verb) African families (target) out of extreme poverty (measurable outcome).

You get it, right? That’s your 5 second pitch — right there.

With that being said — here’s mine: Inspire and support young leaders to become entrepreneurs.

What’s yours?

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