Sun, Mar 09, 2014

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do

I let you in on a secret: The single most important thing you can do after a meeting is to follow up.

The simple act of sending an email to the other party, expressing how much you enjoyed the meeting, probably adding a quick summary or followup item and generally expressing gratitude is something the majority of people never do. And: Once you do — you stand out. You leave an impression. You become memorable.

I can’t count the number of meetings I have where people ask me for feedback, mentorship or coaching and where I never hear from the person again — until the next time they want something from me… And those who follow up — oh boy: What a difference that makes. :)

Always follow up. It literally is the single most important thing you can do when you meet someone.

P.S. I’ll be traveling in Germany and the UK for the next two weeks — expect a somewhat lighter posting schedule. Also — if you’re in London and want to meet for dinner/drinks on March 19th: Email me!

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