Mon, Aug 11, 2014

The Rules For Entrepreneurship

So — you call yourself an entrepreneur. A firestarter. A troublemaker. A doer. Someone who sees opportunity where others only see challenges.

Here are your rules:

(1) Become a connoisseur of risk.
Risk is your friend. Not reckless but calculated. Without taking risks nothing can be achieved. Weigh risks against each other and pick the one with the highest risk/reward ratio.

(2) Recognize opportunity.
Opportunities are everywhere. Often you just need to ask. Train yourself to ask why. Then ask why again. And again. Stay curious. Seek for ways to make things better.

(3) Change things up.
The status quo is exhausting and boring. Do things differently. Not for the sake of doing them differently but because they will be better when you do.

(4) Above all: Do it your way.
Don’t emulate someone else. Don’t follow “the rules”. Recognize your uniqueness, be hyper-aware of your superpowers and do things your way.

P.S. This post marks my 500th Heretic post! Insane!!

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