Dec 29th, 2014

The Price Of Publicity

A lot of us believe that when we made it into TechCrunch (or whatever other news site floats your boat) — we made it. And in some respect that might even be true. There is no doubt that publicity gives you an incredible boost (both for your ego as well as, and more importantly, for your product — see this article in Fast Company).

But there is a price you pay: As your business grows, you get more attention, and then you realize that the whole world is trying to get time from you. Which is amazing. But every time you give it to the world, you give less to what you’re doing.

And that’s a problem.

Which is the reason why a lot of truly successful (as in: building a kick-ass product or service) leaders are so incredibly selective about their engagements with the world outside of their core business.

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