Wed, Jan 01, 2014

The Heretic’s Golden Ticket

The Heretic tribe is incredibly generous — you rallied around the Heretic Network and from all I can tell it’s a huge success already. You jumped at the chance to network in our new Facebook Group and already started helping each other out in a very real and meaningful way.

Now let’s try something else: The Heretic’s Golden Ticket.

I want to create a goodie bag full of awesome stuff which helps us do our jobs better, learn more, be more productive and safe some money in the process.

We start with a free copy of Ash Maurya’s excellent book “Running Lean”, courtesy of a deal I made with Ash when we built Mozilla’s accelerator program WebFWD. If you happen to have something you want to offer to our fellow Heretics — send me an email.

Please note that it must be a real and genuine offer — give away something for free which you would normally charge for or, if that’s not possible, give a meaningful rebate. Pay it forward and be generous.

I am so thrilled to see what we can do with The Heretic in 2014. One thing’s for sure: It’s going to be awesome. Happy 2014 everyone!

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