Wed, Jun 18, 2014

The Art of the Follow-Up

While being at the Unreasonable Institute this week, the fellows went through “mentor weekend”; an intense two-day long mentor-bonanza. The fellows met and sat down with more than 25 mentors over the course of 48 short hours — an incredible opportunity to meet some of the most brilliant minds in their respective areas, to learn from them and to tap into their networks.

And then something amazing happened: On Sunday, hours after the last mentor left, the fellows sat down and wrote hand-written thank you cards.

“Properly following up with mentors and advisors will open up your relationship for the long-term.”

Which made me realize how valuable this tiny gesture is: It’s a sign of appreciation, a wonderful way to say “thank you” and the perfect way to start a rich, meaningful long-term relationship with a mentor or advisor.

The next time you meet a mentor, someone who helped you, gave you a great tip, made an awesome introduction: Take some time to thank them in a meaningful way. It will go a long way towards a long-lasting relationship.

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