Nov 27th, 2014

Thank You

Today is Thanksgiving in my chosen home country, the United States. I grew up in Germany where we don’t have Thanksgiving and it took me a while to truly internalize the concept.

With that being said — here’s what I am thankful for: You.

When I started writing The Heretic more than two years ago (the first post dates back to November 19th, 2012 — which also was Thanksgiving day!) it was a little experiment I put out into the world to give back and just see what happens. Today we are a couple of thousand people on the mailing list, a few thousand more on RSS and some 800+ Heretics in the Facebook group. We’ve got tons of amazing people offering their help in the Network. I’m working on a coffee-table book for Heretics. We are 560 posts into this journey.

Boy — what a ride! :)

None of this would have happened, wouldn’t it be for you. Thank you!

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