Sat, Apr 05, 2014

On Mozilla (Chaords)

A lot of you know that I spent four and a half years at Mozilla — first heading up Mozilla Labs, then creating Mozilla’s accelerator program WebFWD and, for the last year, working directly with Mozilla’s founder Mitchell Baker. You might also have seen the drama unfold about Brendan Eich’s CEO nomination.

Today I’ve posted some of my thoughts about the whole situation on my blog. What struck me while writing this piece is that Mozilla’s structure (chaord/starfish) is in so many ways superior to the classic organizational structures — definitely worth thinking about when you create your own company structure.

To get you started — here’s a neat summary of Brafman’s and Beckstrom’s “The Starfish and the Spider”. Highly recommended weekend reading for every entrepreneur who wants to build a scalable, robust and agile organization.

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