May 9th, 2014

Money Is Not the Goal

Time and again I meet entrepreneurs who obsess about fundraising. As if fundraising were the sole purpose of their company.

They spend hours talking about their funding strategy, discuss the pros and cons of angel vs institutional funding, convertible notes vs equity. And forget to focus on the two things which actually count: Product and Customers; building something customers love and pay for.

Money is not the goal. It’s not the end. It’s part of the road which gets you to your goal. Sometimes.

Obsess about the things which matter. Make the main thing the main thing. Don’t get caught up in the fundraising frenzy, don’t compare yourself to others and always do what’s best for your customers. That way you will build an enduring company. One which makes things better. One which your customers will love and your competitors will fear.

Start now.

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