Oct 19th, 2014

I Worked All Night

In 1989 Cyndi Lauper sang “I Drove All Night”.

This weekend Jane and I worked all night — hashing through strategies for The Coaching Fellowship, reworked a whole bunch of content on the website, developed a new backend system for our next application process… I finished developing two decks for presentations I will give to Singularity University’s Executive Program this Tuesday and at the What’s Next — Illuminate conference on Wednesday. I started hacking on a brand new website for our Startup Lab here at Singularity University. All in all — it was an insanely busy weekend. And it felt good.

And this is the essence of it all: Work on something which is meaningful, which fulfills you, which has purpose and is important (to you) — and work becomes play. Stress becomes rocket fuel. Time flies and slows to a crawl at the same time. Life is good.

Find the things you care about and relentlessly focus on those.

Godspeed my fellow Heretics!

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