Wed, Jun 04, 2014

Entrepreneurs Anonymous

In last month’s edition of WIRED magazine (which I finally got around to reading… oh well…) you’ll find a long (and pretty decent) article on “One Startup’s Struggle to Survive the Silicon Valley Gold Rush”.

The quote which stood out for me was:

“[Silicon Valley is] the place where everybody is killing it all the time.”

So. Very. True.

And a massive problem. I meet too many burned out entrepreneurs. Fantastic people who not only work themselves into the ground but are on the brink of an emotional collapse. Who severed ties with friends and family to chase Silicon Valley riches. Who tell the world that everything is awesome — and yet are close to being clinically depressed.

What we need is something akin to Alcoholics Anonymous — a safe space where we can meet, be with people who walk in the same shoes as we do and with whom we can be vulnerable.

Build it! Grab a bunch of entrepreneurs you know and like, block some time on your calendars and promise each other to be real, open and honest with each other. No BS. No need to kill it. Just be you. And help each other!

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