Jan 18th, 2013

True Passion

“A really great company only comes when the founders care about what they are trying to accomplish. ~ Tim O’Reilly”

This quote summarizes it all. If you are not deeply passionate about what you’re building, chances are you won’t build anything even remotely great. If your idea doesn’t occupy every single neuron in your brain, consumes every minute of your life and doesn’t make you want to shout it from the roof of a building — all you’re building is merely a company.

There is one exception — I know people who are deeply passionate about the act of starting and building companies. They care so deeply about it, that they usually do it again and again and again. The Samwer brothers are like that.

Ask yourself — How much do you really care? How much do you want it? How far would you go to see your idea come to life?

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