Jun 4th, 2013

Treat them like the Messiah

After yesterday’s post about hiring I received an email from one of our fellow Heretics asking me:

“What makes you a founder/co-founder? I work in a startup, I have shares in the company, I was there ever since the actual work started (not in the ideation & research phase). I see myself as a co-founder, but my partners have issues acknowledging this. So I was wondering, what is that makes you a co-founder, if there is such a thing.”


There is no such thing as a founder, co-founder or anything else. You are all sitting in the same boat, you are all working on the same goals, you are all drowning and desperately trying to stay alive.

You are one team. Treat each other like the messiah — as all you have is each other.

If you want to have a big title — go and work for a big company. There is no room for ego in a startup. :)

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