Thu, Jul 11, 2013

The “Thank You” Litmus Test

Want to know if what you’re building actually matters? Here’s a simple test: Did someone ever say “thank you” for your product or service? Not superficially but from the bottom of their heart?

True story: When I worked at eBay (back in the day) I attended eBay Live, eBay’s annual conference which brought together eBay merchants, service providers and eBay staff. Whilst walking across the hallway an eBay seller in a wheelchair approached me. She saw my name tag and the little country flag which indicated that I worked for eBay Germany. She started crying, thanked me multiple times and told me that eBay literally changed her life: Before she started selling on eBay she was on social welfare and hardly could make ends meet. After she started selling dolls on eBay (and funnily finding a huge market for them on eBay Germany) she was able to generate a stable income, pay for healthcare and even buy a house.

When stuff like that happens to you, you know that what you’re doing matters.

I bet you money that most products don’t pass this simple litmus test.

Time to rethink what you’re doing?

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