Fri, Aug 09, 2013

The Sabbath Manifesto

Yesterday I reposted the Tale of two Lumbarjacks on Medium — which made me realize that Jane and I always wanted to follow the Sabbath Manifesto.

Somehow we never made it stick for more than a week or two. There was always something urgent, burning, something which needed tending to. It kinda sucks that I am not able to switch off for a single day per week. And then it hit me — when we first tried to follow the Sabbath Manifesto we did this on Sundays. Sundays don’t work for us — there is always some work which needs to be prepared for the week, some emails to be answered, that kind of thing.

So now we try this again — this time we pick Saturdays. Wish me luck — and call me out if I break my self-imposed axe-sharpening time off. :) Oh — and this also means that you won’t get a Heretic tomorrow (as I never prepare them and literally write what’s on my mind in the moment). Sorry.

And while we’re talking about this — why not join us and take tomorrow off? Spend time with your loved ones, reflect, recharge and think about the big picture.

See you Sunday.

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